CQ — or “ Charge of Quarters ” — is a tasked duty in which the designated service member must guard the front entrance to the barracks. Any injuries will be reported to the First Sergeant immediately. 8. Duty Rosters are governed by AR 220-45. ORGANIZATION OR … a. DAILY STAFF JOURNAL OR DUTY OFFICER’S LOG For use of this form, see AR 220-15: the proponent agency is Office of The Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations & Plans DA FORM 1594, NOV 62 PREVIOUS EDITION OF THIS FORM IS OBSOLETE. 21. What we posted to our company area was the Duty Memo, with a copy of the typed DA-6 behind it, so you yourself could check the 'raw' info. Army Counseling Statement It is the responsibility of all Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO's) to counsel their Soldiers on a monthly basis. Cleanliness of the facilities is everyones responsibility. Army. 3-105. When I was pregnant on Active Duty, my supervisor would refuse to let me work past 8 total hours, even if we were on 12 hour shifts for exercise purposes. A friend's husband is always on it, but I don't know what it means. It is "Charge of Quarters". Department of the Army, Installation Management Policy Memorandum, Authorization for Staff Sergeants to Receive Basic … CQ will maintain a current log and will annotate all significant acts to include CQ, staff duty, leader checks, injuries, work orders, significant damage, visitors to the barracks, assumption of duty, completion of duty, and anything else that CQ deems significant. Then I would type the duty rosters in, and generate what you'd think of as a 'standard' CQ/Staff Duty memo based on them. 5. The CQ is usually an NCO while the CQ runner is an enlisted man. f) Any fights Cleanliness of the facilities is everyones responsibility. What does CQ stand for? At first I just assumed that it meant he was somewhere else, therefor not home, but she has pictures of him and herself and the captions read "cq duty nights". Service members in this position are in charge of monitoring all traffic in and out of a barracks. Why do some Americans consider Russia a bigger threat to the USA than they consider China a bigger threat to the USA? They are to call the resident to come and receive their delivery from CQ. cq army regulation. 24. In the U.S. armed forces, "CQ" stands for charge of quarters. John L. Carkeet IV, U.S. Army Japan) 5. I had a Sergeant (E5) embedded with an Infantry unit in Iraq. Posted on October 28, 2020 by . CQ has the authority to detain the perpetrator using the least amount of force necessary without placing themselves in lethal danger. Dereliction of duty is a specific offense under United States Code Title 10, Section 892, Article 92 and applies to all branches of the US military. Hotel/Motel Discounts pg 71 38. Sexual acts of any kind are not allowed in the barracks. Show More. Lights will be turned off in unoccupied areas such as the gym and laundry room. What we posted to our company area was the Duty Memo, with a copy of the typed DA-6 behind it, so you yourself could check the 'raw' info. !what a way to screw up someone weekend! Cleanliness of the facilities is everyones responsibility. Lv 7. Recommendation: End staff/CQ duty at 1100 hours. John L. Carkeet IV, U.S. Army Japan) 5. Basically they do some security checks and are a point of contact after hours. Source(s): First Sergeant, US Army retired. Report as Inappropriate. 2. CQ will answer the phone in the following way: "Headquarters and Headquarters Company, First Tank CQ, this is {Rank, Name}, how may I help you sir or ma'am?" Failure to follow this instruction will be seen as harassment of the room occupants. The CQ is empowered to handle all situations that arise and is expected to take charge, make a decision and follow up with appropriate actions. A noncommissioned officer’s duties are numerous and must be taken seriously. There is no official Army Regulation that says how much you can do CQ/Runner duties. h) Any flight from the barracks (restricted personnel) CQ will check the halls, common areas, and storage areas every two hours. lol, I just assumed I'd catch on. I wa son CQ once a month, not always on it. To that end, the CQ and CQR will adhere to the special instructions in this memorandum. Alcohol consumption is not authorized during the CQ tour or eight hour prior to assuming duty. This includes the use of force so long as it is the least amount of force necessary to restore good order and discipline. DAILY STAFF JOURNAL OR DUTY OFFICER'S LOG: Unit Of Issue(s) PDF. Do you prefer military time or regular time? Failure to comply will result in the confiscation of the items and annotation in the CQ log. The most daunting thing about staff duty is that you’re expected to remain awake the entire time. In the U.S. armed forces, "CQ" stands for charge of quarters. You can sign in to vote the answer. Well, technically they could give you CQ duty non stopped without any relief. While on duty, CQ is not permitted to watch television or movies unless given permission from the First Sergeant or senior NCO. b. b) Any alcohol related misconduct, anywhere CQ is made up of two members: a non-commissioned officer and an enlisted service member. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY If that fails then it then becomes the responsibility of the CQ to clean the deficient areas. 4 years ago. The uniform is ACU's unless otherwise directed for tasks such as painting, etc. P. PDeVille. (Refer to FM 6- 27/MCTP 11-10C for more information.) 1. One can be exempt by a Unit SOP or memorandum if so stated but by regulation the answer is no and it is non negotiable.