I tried to reset the password, the link was sent to my email, but it says “unknown error.”. Initially we thought it might be a internet connection and have contacted the internet company and it’s working fully our smart TVs are also working without any issues. if you are 100% verified on roblox, have u received a password reset or not? I’m not impressed at all as my daughter has also had the same issue Log in and then immediately get kicked out. This would usually be seen at the start of maintenance before later redirecting to the normal maintenance site with the correct design. Then a connection error message. My account keeps making me do the verivication process and i get it right but it then says that my username and password are incorrect when they arent. I reboot! Which we know are correct. The log in screen ups up and so does verification but has us do it over and over never letting her play the actual game. My daughter is logging in fine but whe she goes to play a game, the whole screen goes blurry an freezes, Grey box with ‘same game launched from different account’ came up with the only option to ‘leave’. I took a pause from roblox and i got outlogged but when i started playing again i could not log into my account. Now it keeps saying “too many atempts, try again later”. Thank you! Please check back soon!” I sent for a password reset on BOTH phone and email and received neither. i dont know if this is a worldwide issue, but roblox better fix this crap. He is getting really frustrated. It won’t let her access that account but I could access mine. It keeps telling him the graphics driver is too old. Please fix soon though, im just tryna play some Restaraunt tycoon man, error encountered while logging in to roblox. Seriously. i cannot login to my correct password saying its incorect. I try to reinstall and download Roblox again. Also account logged into on differnet device when not. All of a sudden they were no longer each others friend. Can somebody please help me? Same, since May actually. Account login works through browser. My Roblox username is: KateWaffles. I cannot login AND verify either my email address or phone number! Is Roblox down? also I found it funny/weird how if I try to make a new account it says username or password is incorrect lol. cant join, recaptcha always showing up, and when im forgot my password they said “too many attempt”, cant login to roblox due ,join error can’t join place 1262182609:http:404 But today I couldn’t log in. my lovely boy is so so upset…. A few weeks ago i went to go play roblox, when i went on my computer it was at the login page, i was confused because it was my computer and i should have already been logged on. I can login but as soon as I get on a game, my character will not move, it works on my moms phone and my sisters tablet, Ive already uninstalled it as well as force stopped it? White scene at times. It doesn’t do anything. This is almost exactly what has happened to me! My trap phone i hope this problem will get fixed. Welcome to the RoBeats Wiki! Won’t let me log into my account. Just the grey/white screen with ‘Roblox’ and ‘loading…’ Close Window I can’t log in either! Password incorrect message. None of my 3 kids can login to Roblox we receive an error that the username and password is wrong. Facebook Didn’t work, I tried recovering my Password and I showed no such Accounts of “BoneDox” I tried Recovering my Username As such NO records of “BoneDox” Phone number did not work as well. When I try and sign in from my laptop on chrome only half the verification on the matching dice blocks shows so i cant beat it without luck and being the left 4 boxes. If this does not help, please contact the Roblox support for more details about the site or game. She was then able to sign in on the app with no issues. After verifying the screen refreshes back to login – signup. My daughter had to log in and it wouldn’t let her so we tried using the change password option and changed her password did the two step verification thing and followed everything to it told us to but we keep getting brought back to log in over and over and it’s making me mad. WAIT WHAT?!?! i was playing just fine until i was logged out and when I tried logging in it said my log in infoes are incorrect. I will save this new one in case this ever happens again. It says ‘unable to log in’ everytime with correct username and password. or also closing an account or trying to get the account banned. I can only sign in with my Facebook account, but now, when I try to log in, it says: I get nothing, Logged me out and now I can’t log back in, same bro….. same….. the only way get by this is resetting the password throuhg email sense it sends u directly in ur account without a captcha… but if u have a lot of accounts to use like me it wont let u send a reset pw email that often. Please try again later i cant login it keeps repeating the verification. Now my name isn’t recognised in the search players like my name is non existent. Every game, nobody is authorized to join! I have the same problem. It happened two months ago, so don’t panic. Whether it’s for your own personal use or for a team of employees, your schedules need to be clear, concise, and unambiguous. It keeps saying invalid email or wrong password and when I type the captions in it just jumps back to captions. I go to join there’s group to see if it’s only for group members, joined, “Not authorized” WHATS happening?! She still can’t get in. Have fun! Then I got a message saying she had said something inappropriate (we got that sorted out between us) and she had to accept the Terms of Use again so she could play. my username is mithyhatesyouu, My daughters is locked. What is the fix? My other brother tried to contact Roblox by support email, but they said we should proof the ownership by adding the xsolla receipt. It’s asking for my password and I’m too scared to enter it. Now when I try to log in it keeps repeating the captcha thing. I was playing rb if you are wondering what game its a great game its called catalog heaven i was playing with my friends and it kicked me of my rb account i put the right password in but it told me password or username is incorrect please try again.my rb user name is rainbowswagboy27 please fix this problem and for others out there friend me. I searched video’s and all but I’m a little to scared that it’ll crash my laptop, I saw video about it and I like scrolling through the comments and seeing that you could have it for 4-5 months! More than likely, the account that won’t load has been blocked by a Roblox moderator for violating the Terms of Service. Trying to create a user name/password and I keep getting the message “Sorry an error occurred”. When I sat back down again ROBLOX wouldn’t accept my password! When i log in It took me back to the roblox log in screen and I kept trying and it just kept going back to the log in or sign up screen? only 5 times then u have to wait another 24 hours. My 2 daughter’s can’t login and they are 5 days away from golden egg. My boy can’t signin. Now I cant play roblox. i was able to get through verification but the end checkmark is stuck on my screen, it keeps on logining you out on moble even tho your not logged out. I guess cat pictures might keep me occupied for awhile. Any suggestions? My daughter’s Roblox account is not pulling up. Same thing happened to my daughter account I can login to mines but she can’t and keep logging her out of the webpage, ive been locked out of my roblox account keep saying wrong username and password . Update – I logged in on the website and it turns out my daughters account had been flagged. Can’t log in with correct password. This banner has shown as the Avatar Page is temporarily unavailable. GET IT FIXED ROBLOX, My account is burningicegg44 and my dad spend over 50 dollars on this game and then When i put in the correct password in, it just did 1 test to see if i was human, then it said “Incorrect username or password.”, My son also keeps logging in with correct username and password and it looks like he is going to get back in and it kicks him back out… it’s been going on for about a week… we’ve tried logging him in from different devices as well. I tried logging in with my IOS device and my laptop. She swears she never posted any photo of any type, but it said a personal photo was uploaded. NOTHING worked i am so sad as i have spent money on this account. My son cannot login since Oct 2. I cant log in It keeps saying we have the wrong username/password and I know we definitely do not. Can not download latest versjon of Roblox – my son cannot play any roblox games right now – signs in – finds the game he wants to play – clicks on “play” and then it try to “configure” and then it wants to download the latest version and then it reports a failure to fetch the latest version. I was wanting to play roblox, i logged in fine but when i tried to play a game it would open and load then say something about the server being shut down and to try again. HELP!! Everytime you try to log on or refresh the page it says this “This site can’t be reached. How can this be corrected? I have spent alot of money of this account and want it to work again or get a refund for all the things he has bought. Can you login yet? This is a repeat of login problems late last week, too. I an having the same issue, I though it was just my wifi going nuts but, no. I want this done now! when i click them, Is any one having problems logging in today. I been trying to log onto roblox all morning it keeps saying wrong email or password but I know it’s not wrong , I spent so much on this game anyone had this problem and was able to get back on ? We just signed up for Builders Club 🙁. I cannot login into roblox. It worked fine before and I tried to uninstall and reinstall, same result. i can’t play i type in my pass it says “incorrect user or password” like i changed it like 5 times PLEASE FIX THIS! Please close this window. For a child with Autism, this is incredibly upsetting….each time! I tried every single account I have and its not working, I even cleared all my cookies and cache, and everything I try isn’t working. So I was playing Bloxburg and i left the game but at the top right of my screen (On mac) it says login or sign up but i was just playing like 10 or so mins ago. This is the second time this has happened to me. Keeps saying I have the incorrect password, but it’s the password I have always used. Thanks for the previous posts. Hi , [26/5/2020]. @Roblox Roblox fix the problem on robeats for mobile to unlock the dance. When I type my username in the sign up window a pop up says that the username is already in use. Old banner for the payment system maintenance banner. I reported 3 times via Roblox support and keep saying no email is associated to my son’s account RealBorisJoaquin. What is this? When he enters that info it comes back and tells him it’s already in use. I really need to find a way to fix this because I don’t want to lose everything on my account. Also, if we have to create a new account, he will lose all the items he’s purchased in the past for his characters. then goes right back to the login screen with no login… is there any solution? Not sure if going through browser helped, but it’s how we got signed into the app. i cant login, ive tried hundreds of times and im putting the exact correct password. He is hysterical bc hes gonna lose all of his things. Log on passer and verification codes all correct each time we try, Hi i got up today and used my bookmark and i cant long in, i used the right username and password but i get the vitrifaction screen and finish it, it gives me another vitrifaction screen. thanks! As of late 2018, this page is currently being used. It keeps cycling through the verification page (rotate picture upright). This occur today August 2, 2020. It won’t accept her password and the Forgot Password prompt says her Username isn’t found. I’m not too sure why this happens but hopefully another browser fixes the issue for some of you as it did for me. Still didn’t work! I just cannot log in to my roblox account. LolThinkAribion (@aribion_lol) reported 2 hours ago Hey everyone, The DevHub will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this evening. She tried the verification multiply times that’s not working. Same issue here!! Hopefully one of the ROBLOX admins will be able to get the website back up. We thought someone had hacked my account as my name changed to Guest?? it happens today 9/3/2020, There is some type of verifcation problem, no matter what i do its wrong even if its right. My kid cannot log into his roblox account through the Android app. I have browser restrictions. When will this problem be fixed????? Please try again. I cannot log into my son’s Roblox account. I thought it was just me but apparently that’s a special thing for once. Then, you need to scroll all the way down and it should say you can re-activate your account if you accept their policy and then you should be able to re-activate your account. I try doing everything of re installing and rebooting also re installing. App won’t let me log in , says I have to reset my password but every time I click to reset, the app crashes. I tried to login to my other account, WHICH, MAY I SAY ,I DO NOT PLAY ON EVER, AND I CAN LOG INTO THAT ONE!! 4-11 My son is stuck in endless login loop. I tried to reset it many times but it give me a message (( we couldn’t load this security ticket )) ,, please help. her account name is peppatwilhit. Please assist. I hope they FIX this SOON! My roblox login is blocked by the browser issue, anyone found a fix? Same issue. I contacted ROBLOX, I hope they answer! Please help me, Having issues with login. My son cannot log in to his account, says no email connected to account and no phone number. If i try log in its says “A server error has occurred. i cant join roblox with my facebook account when i login with facebook it says “redirecting to facebook and then it stops. I always log in with my facebook and now it redirects me to a page that says “failed connecting. Dear ROBLOX, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! I tried everything I log in then straight back out username Tabz7keys, can not log in to my daughters account, won’t take password. Cant log in with correct password. I think Adopt Me had some sort of update that made all of ROBLOX crash, and now the boombox verification keeps looping. Can’t link my xbox account error 901 support says they are aware stay tuned for updates but won’t say where I can find these updates, Whenever I click to play a game the initial loading tab doesn’t appear and it keeps making Windows sounds. thank you. This is insane, i can’t open the website into ROBLOX. This maintenance page features the O NOES hat. when i try to login the captcha not loaded so i can’t login right now fml! it says that my facebook acct is not linked in any roblox acct. My son is having the same issues. He can play other games just not any on roblox? I have never changed it. My son cannot login to his account, we can’t remember his password but when we put his username in, it says it is incorrect?! My son has the same issues. It started last night. The last record of this maintenance page existing was on November 13th, 2013, showing the latter "We have performed maintenance that requires you to restart your browser. I spent a lot of money on robux. I signed her on to the browser and there was a T&C I had to check. I keep rebooting. Now he’s saying someone else is using his account because his avatar has been changed. The website isn’t even loading for me. When I log in to my game it asks to click a button to verify that I am a human, and then without nothing, not even giving the chance to do anything, the game restarts and gives a maintenance error code 275. My son cant login even tho the password is correct.After clicking on a link given in one of Preston game links.Kicked him out and cant login ever since. I can also find her if I go in as a guest and search for her by user name. We have clicked on forgot password and entered in email address and 30 mins later still haven’t received an email from them to change password. Anyone come up with a fix? Cannot connect at all since 4th may! My daughter is unable to log in after multiple try. The service you were trying to reach is temporarily down. Lol I freaked. I just wanted to keep building my aircraft carrier, Roblox. I logged out of my main account that was linked to facebook so that i can go play on my back account for a bit but when i log out my back up account to go back on my main account i couldn’t log back in. Now I logged out and it says: An unknown error occurred. Hi when I try to play roblox it keeps on telling me to install the app and I do but it keeps on opening the games tab What’s the fix??? If you read the news, They say roblox has been down since 7:42 am! Can’t login. Verification glitching. when i try to play a game t automaticaly makes me leave roblox. They're actually forcing me to study for my stats quiz today. Same situation my son found himself in this morning. I don’t know what happened, Literaly right now i was playing then it kicked me out and i couldn’t even go on the website, i was play pokemon and happy and now roblox dont work at all can you please and thanks you fix it i love play the games on roblox.com. I had to click on a box saying he agreed to the terms and service and wa laa, the account was active again and he wasn’t being logged out anymore. Last update before this was Feb. 20 so if that update was corrupt, that could be the problem, who knows? ROBLOX FIX YOUR F**CKING VERIFICATION SYSTEM, IF NOT JUST REMOVE IT WHY IS IT EVEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU’RE JUST GOING TO F**CKING BREAK IT? Plz help. The reason for the block should be posted, and there will be a way to “agree to the terms of service” and then “reactive account”. Respond if you have this problem too! How to hide app on huawei gr3 2017? i cant go into a game when i press the play button of any game. Worked fine last night. It can still be accessed here. i was able to log in till yesterday successfully. what is happening? She tried to do that but nothing worked. Same here. Please help. When is msp rare week going to be in 2017? I can use the same devices for my account and there is no issue. When ever i join a game it tells me im in a older version and uninstall and reinstall i have done this over 16 times now and i checked im up to date with updates so i don`t know why it won`t let me join a game. All other games are working fine, even online games. If you could please resolve this issue I would appreciate it because she has been so upset. Definitely frustrating!! When I click the link Roblox gave me when I changed my password to revert the account, I get this error message: We cannot load this security ticket. Username is camilleh97. WHYYY, DO U KNOW WHY!! It’s asking for her to Login, but wont accept the password, which is correct. Please fix and/or update us as to why this is happening. NO WORKING STILL. Her account is the way she wants it and I would hate to tell her she needs to start over on a new account. Please try again later.” how can this be fixed??? Oh my gosh I have this issue to ROBLOX name is BitConDude. When he tried to log in back, it always said incorrect username or password. OMG WHY? terrible, we have been trying now to 2 browsers, uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, search for new version and NOTHING! Yet, her sister can log in and play. My son – whose user name is stickywheels is unable to log on. What’s happening is that when I try login it shows page login (True) but at the Its works on my laptop and ipad. (Favourite Site), I’m scared i think I’m hacked its November 30 2017, I’m scared i t won’t let me out in I used those free robux sites. Daughter went to open the roblox app on my phone. I am also unable to log in on my phone. my browser tends to clean cookies away after closing a session, the first 6 logins we’re fine, but I was unable to connect after that. I just opened a ticket 3708986. I can sadly relate at first I thought I was hacked but than I told my friend and she sent me this link I hope by tmrw I can get back on : August 20th— my son’s birthday and he can’t log in to his favorite game! Getting this error stating, “roblox maintenance is complete. My son haven’t been able to log in all this week at all. If anyone knows anything could you throw a bit of help my way thanks, There is a problem, it’s saying “Not Connected” even though I have good internet. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. It is the same image as the former login screen but with the words "BACK ON TRACK". There is also a white maintenance bar, which happened some days ago when ROBLOX characters didn't load. It won’t check our user name & it claims to have sent a password link but it does not send to either email account. After clearing data it shows now login screen, then it gors to 10 step verification. My roblox account day it logged me out and I tried password reset and everything. I am not putting any money in this new account because I will not play it after I get my account back. Our editors will list statements and details about planned Roblox maintenance below, but always share with the community to help others when issues occur. but since last night i can’t log in. My daughter cannot log in, having issues with the verify page. Please try again. So I tried to log into my account today and apparently it said error from server then I waited a couple of minutes and when I tried the 2 step verification code ROBLOX took a long time to give me the code and the code expired because the codes are only expired in 15 minutes and I can’t log into my account anymore it’s not working!! My daughter is beside herself. I tried to login and it looked like it would let me in then it just logged me out immediately. We have three children and three accounts but now only two can login on their iPads. i can not access my account. OK, I figured this out for my daughter. I recently was playing roblox on my phone and the chat was disabled, so after am hour went by I couldn’t even make it pass the login screen, this must be fixed, I put too much into my account to let it go. My little girl has spent all her pocket money for months on this. My kids upset big time can’t get login always says incorrect password and we know it’s not. So we forced to use ‘forgot password’. When i try to sign in to my roblox account through the Android app. help me fix this my username is johntae1, my roblox account is linked with facebook and i cannot login atm My email is monikamellar@gmail.com. Ridiculous!! is not working 1- it keep loading 2- when it finish the loading it says cant be reached like plz let it work and i live in jordan and my wifi in the home is perfect, Dear Roblox, i kindly ask you why isn’t my roblox working? I hope this will get fixed soon, because I need to bring Videos on Youtube for my community! My pc version of roblox lets me sign in but has Error 400 almost every time i open anything up. What should I do? I managed to log in okay, but then when I click on adopt me it’s doing the human verification and when I do it correctly it just brings it up again? Please close this window. cant configure my roblox place it gives a 404 error code when i try to update my game, and when i try to play it, i just get this: Can’t join place. Hello how to fix too many attempts please try again later even tho my name and pass was right it says too many attempts please try again later pls fix it I’m on android my user name is viozhsiofvhs6 thank for your time. My daughters did the same thing, did anyone get this issue figured out or fixed? This is the second time this has happened. What’s going on? She was counting down the time before she could get an Aussie egg, and now that the countdown is complete, it keeps saying “Join Error – we are experiencing technical difficulties. I guess I entered the wrong password and had to reset it and make a new one. I cant log in Roblox servers down, site not loading at all now. My son cannot log in with his username and password. What? My daughter is having the same problem as many others are with the login. & How to stop this My son is trying to logon and cannot. Mike Please help. We’ve been dealing with this for hours! Please advise if there is a way to fix this on our end or if this is something you guys are working on from your end. I can t log in it says wrong user or pass but i made sure its correct and tried to reset my pass and it doesnt send reset to my email. ", Typically, an orange banner proclaiming that "Roblox will be down for maintenance" will be displayed on the Roblox website as a warning to players that the website will be shutting down shortly. A schedule is a crucial part of organizing your daily life. i cant play anything.i can login but no game works.the ‘loading’ and these’…’ dont work. Then she was able to log back into the Roblox app. It acts like it’s logging him in, shows a blank white box and then nothing shows up. PLZ HELP my username is nightbombjr, Hello when I tried to login to roblox today it didn’t work so I tried again but it didn’t work so can pls help me my user name is Tyler4002, I WAD PLAYING ROBLOX THEN IT KICKED ME OUT I TRYED LOGGING BACK IN AND IT DONT WRK I DONE THE RIGHT PASSWORD 100S OF TIMES IF IT HELPS MY USER IS BOSSBOY78601, hello That was odd because I never log out and I’m 100% sure my password was correct. Oh and another thing- when I thought it was just my password (even though all the info was correct), I did the reset password thing, and it sent me info on one of my OTHER accounts to change instead of my Dodger account! Makes me Wonder what was the Reason for such an occurrence. My daughter can’t log in and the information is correct. It keeps saying that I cant upgrade. During maintenance phases where purchasing Builders Club or Robux are disabled, an additional banner may be present alerting users of their inability to make any real-life purchases on Roblox. my son, user name PMasterGamer is unable to log on, says password and user name incorrect, which they are not… is there a fix for this? my daughter has the same issue yet she has had the same account for a long time and her password is something she says everyday so neither of can forget it. My account has also been changed, the character look and the games played in ‘recently played’. Please help! can start but it just says configuring/upgrading, why im very sad that i cant play my games pls. I can’t log in on Mobile because when I type my username and password it said “Error received from the server”. There is no new update! Might aswell be a huge crash at Roblox. Guys I think you only need to reinstall the searcher(Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome). Chelsea you will be able to its if you live in the u.s lots of places with roblox are down, in half of the U.S is roblox is down. Everytime I try logging in, Roblox asks me to do the funcaptcha human verification. No screenshots sadly. PLEASE LET THE SERVERS BACK UPPPPP, The servers will be back up, in the U.S Roblox is down in a lot of places, The website wont load, and every game says, ‘Sorry, There was a problem.’ And I cant join any games, they all say ‘Failed to connect to game, Please try again later.’, same thing with me, except it says failed to run, please download Robl Present payment system maintenance banner. Haven’t tried xbox roblox yet. I have followed all the steps in the general connections issues and it still gives me that error.
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