A.Acloque(1895)-09.jpg 867 × 770; 254 KB. Lygaeus equestris Linnaeus; Other Scientific Names. Turning to feeding, as one of the common names suggests, many, though not all, species of Lygaeidae feed on seeds (Schuh and Slater 1995). Accepted Name Source; Lygaeus equestris (Linnaeus, 1758) UKSI Synonym Source; Lygaeus equestris (Linnaeus) synonym: UKSI Classification unranked Biota kingdom Animalia phylum Arthropoda subphylum Hexapoda class Insecta order Hemiptera family Lygaeidae genus Lygaeus species Lygaeus equestris. Lygaeus equestris, common name Black-and-Red-bug, Small Eastern Milkweed Bug, Lygaeus ... adult black and red bug Latin lygaeus equestris a ground bug on grass in Italy similar to lygaeus sexatilis but with a white mark family lygaeidae Close up view of a bunch of red bugs (lygaeus equestris) on a plant. Lygaeus equestris (Linnaeus, 1758) Bugs, Plant Lice and Cicadas Lygaeidae Lygaeus Lygaeus equestris. Lygaeus is a genus of seed bugs in the family Lygaeidae.There are at least 70 described species in Lygaeus. of Montana Pentatomid bugs (stinkbugs) are common on milkweed in N. America and Europe. species alboornatus Blanchard, 1852; synonym albostillatus Stal, 1858 With a name far longer than its 4 mm body size seems to warrant, Pseudopachybrachius species is another of the very small but intricately marked seed … Status sept. 2004. Deutsch: Ritterwanze suomi: Ritarilude magyar: Vörösfoltos bodobács svenska: Riddarskinnbagge walon: Lygaeus equestris Name Synonyms Cimex equestris (C.Linnaeus, 1758) Homonyms Lygaeus equestris (C.Linnaeus, 1758) Common names Ritterwanze in German Soldatertæge in Danish riddarskinnbagge in Swedish riddarbagge in Swedish Bibliographic References. True Bugs (Heteroptera) of the Neotropics 479, 481 >> Lygaeus; Type species: Cimex equestris Linnaeus, C. (= Lygaeus equestris equestris), by subsequent designation; No first use as family-group name is recorded in the database. Henry, P. M. Dellapé & de Paula. Lygaeus equestris: Clutch sizes range from 20 to 50 eggs. relatively common. Lygaeus equestris, common name Black-and-Red-bug, is a species of ground bugs belonging to the family Lygaeidae, subfamily Lygaeinae. Lygaeus equestris (Linnaeus, 1758) Species: Lygaeus formosus Blanchard, 1840 ... Common Name: Scientific Name : TSN: In: Kingdom Go to Advanced Search and Report . Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1376958173. The European milkweed fauna has a familiar face, here is Lygaeus equestris, a … Preferred Scientific Name. Coulianos, Carl-Cedric (2004) Checklista över svenska skinnbaggar (Hemiptera-Heteroptera). Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. native. SPITEQ (Lygaeus equestris) Taxonomic Tree Top of page. 2015. They are commonly called big-eyed bugs. Common name; русский: ... Lygaeus equestris\simulans‎ (1 C, 22 F) S Lygaeus scriptus‎ (1 F) Lygaeus subrufescens‎ (1 F) T Lygaeus turcicus‎ (2 F) Media in category "Lygaeus" The following 6 files are in this category, out of 6 total. With a size between 3-4 mm, they are not easy to find and do not appear to be terribly common. With Georg and my friend and colleague John Maron from the Univ. Cimex equestris ; Spilostethus equestris Linnaeus; EPPO code.
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